Everguard™ Classic – Timeless Look

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White Oak Rigid Core
5.79 in Wide x 5 mm Thick, Low Gloss

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Everguard™ Rigid Core

Wood Look Flooring with 100% Waterproof Protection

Everguard is the answer if you love solid hardwood flooring but don’t want to risk water damage. Its rigid core construction handles cold, dry, or humid conditions without losing integrity. And it’s 100% waterproof. So, you don’t have to drop what you’re doing to wipe up spills frantically. Your floors won’t suffer an ounce of damage. Plus, rigid core flooring delivers a natural wood look. You can choose from traditional or distressed wood finishes in oak, pine, or white oak with 20 color options.

No More Scratches and Dents in Your Floors

Solid wood flooring is susceptible to scratches and dents. Sometimes, even the hardest solid or engineered hardwood floors fall victim to a drop or dog nails. Not Everguard rigid core flooring. It’s naturally resistant to scuffs and scratches. So, you can drop a pot on the floor, slide furniture, or let your pets play without fear of floor damage.

Kid and Pet Friendly Flooring

It’s 100% waterproof. Stain resistant. Scratch and dent resistant. It’s no wonder rigid core is one of the best pet-friendly floors. And yes, it will handle your kids, too. The floor’s construction eliminates air pockets, increasing its hardness. So your dog’s toenails or occasional accidents won’t make a difference. At the same time, rigid core flooring is soft underfoot, making it comfortable for your pets.

Install Rigid Core Flooring Anywhere in Your Home

The same characteristics that make rigid core flooring pet-friendly also make it versatile. So you can install it anywhere in your home. It’s exceptional in basements and bathrooms, where solid hardwood flooring doesn’t perform well. You can even install it in three-season rooms with direct sunlight. It includes a UV protective layer to help avoid fading.